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"Life is Short, but Your Lashes Shouldn’t Have to Be"

We are so excited to announce the release of our new book.  You will learn EVERYTHING you ever needed or wanted to know about eyelash extension, whether your are planning on getting them for the first time, or have had them for a long time.  The information is comprehensive, an easy read, and in a Q&A format to help you go directly to the answer you are looking for.   

Some sample questions that are answered include:

  • Eye Shapes & Our Eyelash Extension Recommendation for Them
  • Why Am I Loosing More Lashes on One Side Than the Other?
  • Are There Tools to Protect my Extensions from Water, Steam & Heat So My Extensions Can Last Longer Between Fills?

There are also checklists, pictures with techniques you can take with you to show your extension artist, directory of eyelash extension licensing requirements by state, and so much more...  

Our paperback book (Kindle to follow) is now available on Amazon for $27.77, but if you take our quick and easy quiz (click on link below), you get the book IMMEDIATELY FOR FREE:


For completing the quiz and subscribing you will also receive the following FREE goodies:

  1. You will be entered to win a 1 year's supply of our patent pending tool, which can protect your extensions from water, steam and heat.  This tool will also allow you the freedom to do what you want, and when you want, without having to wait the the 24-48 hour cure time!  Also, the more you use the covers, the longer your extensions will last, so you can wait longer between fills.  Learn more about our patent pending tool here. 
  2. You will also receive a 10% coupon on your first order.