What Is Lash Resource

Lash Resource was born with the intention of being your main source for everything lash related.  The owner's goals may be lofty to some, but their love for long, full, beautiful lashes drives their passion to provide patent pending protective tools, innovative ideas, techniques, products, etc. to help you love all things lashes as much as us.  Our motto has always been, "Life is Short, but Your Lashes Shouldn’t Have to Be" which is why we had it trademarked.  🙂

To learn more about our patent pending tool to protect your eyelash extensions from water, steam, and heat go to our Patent Pending Extension Tool Section.  

Ladies Behind Lash Resource

Mea is a former software engineer; is a licensed customs house broker; entrepreneur; business woman; patented inventor; published author; co-owner of MS Innovations™ (Mea & Sylvia Innovations, pronounced Miss Innovations); owner of Mea Creations™, a private label retail and wholesale company; MG Nutrition ™ (Mea Gold Nutrition), a line of nutritional products that include weight loss, hair and lash growth, lash growth serums, detox, women’s health, men’s health, sports nutrition, skin care, and general health; a number of E-commerce sites (You Need This Now Store, Waist Not Want Not, and Chokers and More) for import and export of retail and wholesale goods;  and owner of Strategic Investment Group, an investment firm.  To learn more, go to  Most importantly, however, Mea is a loving wife to her husband Robert, mother to her fur babies, sister to her siblings, Godmother to Ryan and a shameless girly geek.

Sylvia is a Master Esthetician, lash artist extraordinaire, entrepreneur, business woman, inventor, published author, and co-owner of MS Innovations™ (pronounced Miss Innovations).  Sylvia is also the owner of Flutter, her eyelash extension business and Pacifique Medi.Spa, a thriving medi spa in Tacoma, WA.