Eyelash Extensions Candidate?

The answer is no if …

You are allergic to cyanoacrylate (an ingredient found in adhesives).  Reactions can be very superficial to severe.  If you are allergic to tape, latex, silicone, anything related or if your eyes are hypersensitive, then probably not, consult with your lash stylist if you are not sure.  If you pick at or play with your lashes, or have seasonal allergies then you should not get extensions.  It is best to wait until your allergies have cleared up before getting them applied.  Seasonal allergies can cause your extensions to fall off prematurely and eyelash extensions can collect the allergens and hold on to them causing you more irritation.

You have any back problems or any medical conditions that might interfere with lying flat on your back for 2 hours.  There is no way for the artist to apply lashes in any other position other than for you to be flat on your back.

You have any eye problems, eye infections, recent surgeries of any kind, then you must wait until you are fully healed prior to having extensions applied.  For any other medical conditions, or if you are pregnant or nursing, then you will need to get your physician’s consent prior to getting eyelash extensions.  Most physicians are fine with having eyelash extensions applied during your pregnancy, however, it is important that you consult with your physician first.

You have had eyelash extensions in the past and had any reactions to the adhesive, eye pads, tape or any other products, then you would need to have a thorough consultation with your lash artist prior to making an appointment.  In some cases, what may have seemed to be a reaction to the adhesive could have been caused by the cleanser or eye pads and your lash artist can help you determine the exact cause and can adjust the procedure to determine if it was something else or use a different adhesive.  Sylvia has found that clients that have been sensitive to adhesive in the past have had good results with using over-the-counter Claritin and Pepcid AC before and after having their lashes done.  Both medications target histamine receptors H1 and H2.

You have seasonal allergies, cry a lot, have oily eyelids, participate in hot yoga, play with your lashes, wear excessive eye makeup, not consistent about removing eye makeup, swim a lot, use eye drops or have watery eyes, sleep on your face, etc.

You are not able to commit to a bi-monthly fill.

Otherwise, you are a candidate.  🙂

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