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Live with Stacey Bourn


Make-up artist extraordinaire, Stacey Bourne, talks about all things Eyelashes and shows some love for our book.

Goggles – Are they a good option to protect your eyelash extensions?


According to the article - goggles may leave the eyes looking puffy or swollen and, in some cases, can cause bruising. Dermatologist S. Manjula Jegasothy, M.D. in Miami advises that the suction in swimming goggles may also cause laxity of the eye-lids, and the pull from the goggle straps may be considered harsh on ones’ eyelids, which may cause capillary breakage, dark circles, deep lines and loose skin. 

We personally stopped using googles because when the seal breaks (and it does as you try to adjust the straps to wash your hair and face), then you end up getting your extensions wet, anyway.  The goggles also fog up and will bend your extensions which can cause them to loosen or break.  It is also difficult to wash your hair, and full face with goggles and they are not comfortable.  Our suggestion is to wait 24 to 48 hours following your full set or re-lash appointment to shower.   

As of this writing we have a patent pending tool to protect your eyelash extensions that we are working on getting to market.  Having our tool will allow you to do everything you are not supposed to do, including shower immediately following your extension appointment.  The protective cover will protect your extensions from water, steam and heat, and increase the longevity of your extensions, so you can wait longer between fills.