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I Had a Reaction to Eyelash Extensions in the Past, Can I Still Get Eyelash Extensions?


First, you need to be specific as to where the reaction was.  Was it all over your eye?  Was it both eyes?  What kind of reaction was it? Was there both edema and erythema present?  You must first determine if the reaction was caused by the adhesive or if it was caused by the eye pads or cleanser used during your procedure.  You could try a patch test, have the artist apply 10 lashes to one or both eyes and see if you react. Some clients can tolerate Xtreme Lashes Flex Fusion adhesive, which is formulated specifically for sensitive and reactive eyes with no reaction.  Some clients will still have a reaction to Flex Fusion and the only way to find out is by doing a patch test.

You can also try a few of these suggestions:

Prior to your appointment take an antihistamine, continue that for 3 days after your application.  You can also use allergy eye drops to alleviate itching, but be careful when applying the drops so that they do not get on the eyelash extensions.  Doing so can cause the extensions to fall off prematurely.

For a day or two before and a few days after your appointment use Claritin and Pepcid AC.  Claratin blocks histamine receptor site H1 and Pepcid AC block receptor H2.  See if that makes a difference for you in how your eyes react.  This information is in no way meant to take the place of advice or recommendation from your physician.

Ask your lash artist to avoid using eye makeup remover, cleanser, primer or anything other than eyewash around your eye area and lashes.  You may consider trying our own eye makeup remover intended to be used with most extension adhesives, it is oil-free, gentle, free from harsh preservatives, and instead contains a natural preservative).

 We recommend using mineral powder eyeshadow or a mineral powder that matches your skin tone on your eyelids to absorb excess oil.  Also, some lash companies offer a protective coating that also helps to prolong lash life, the coating is intended to fill in any little crevices in the adhesive, seals the bond between the adhesive, the extension and your natural lash and keeps the adhesive from breaking down.

Your lash artist should go through care and maintenance with you at the end of your service.  Do not be afraid to cleanse your lashes, after your initial 48-hour cure period.  It is extremely important to keep the eye area free of debris, excess oils and makeup while wearing extensions.

Sylvia Explains How to Keep Your Extensions Clean


In this video, Sylvia, demonstrates how to keep your extensions clean.