Do I Ever Need to Take a Break from Eyelash Extensions?


This depends on the condition of your lashes, and your lash artist’s recommendations.  If your lash artist sees that the health of your lashes is being compromised, then you should take a break.  However, if you are following protocol and have a good lash artist, you should not have to.

Your lash artist should at least give you the option to purchase a cleanser and brush.  The aftercare kit should have everything you need to protect your investment.  It is crucial to your lashes to cleanse them daily, even if you do not wear eye makeup.  Cleansing and using a protective coating/sealant twice a week will make your extensions wear better, last longer and keep debris from breaking down the adhesive. More importantly, cleansing your eyelashes and eyelash extensions will keep your natural lash follicles from getting clogged with debris and keep them healthy.  Not cleansing makes your lashes finer, weaker and shorter and can lead to blepharitis.

Your aftercare kit should include: 

Cleanser/eye makeup remover.  You may consider trying our eye makeup remover intended to be used with most extension adhesives.  It is own oil-free, gentle, free from harsh preservatives, and instead contains a natural preservative.

Latex-free Sponges (do not use cotton balls, cotton pads or gauze)

Lint Free Applicators (do not use cotton-tipped swabs)

Protective Coating

Lash Brush

Eyeliner (optional), but you can use a liquid or cake liner that is specifically formulated to use with eyelash extensions.  You can also use eyeshadow smudged along the lash line.  Never use a waterproof liner.

Mascara (optional), we strongly advise against mascara because your lashes are already volumized, lengthened and curled, but if you choose to wear it, it must be water-based (not waterproof) and you may only apply it to the very tips of the lashes, do not stroke it through the entire lash.  Using mascara will compromise the longevity of your eyelash extensions.

Handheld fan to dry your lashes (optional)

Eyelash Eye Mask (optional), but a firm eye mask will help protect your lashes while you are sleeping.

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