Eyelash Extension Curls, Thickness & Lengths


Eyelash Extension Curls, Thickness & Lengths

The image shows the differences between the curls, thicknesses, and lengths, although they are not to scale, it will give you an idea of some of your choices.  The curl, as well as the length, will dramatically change the overall look of your eyes.  It is important to note that not all curls or thicknesses will have the same retention or longevity.  Please take that into consideration if longevity is more important to you than the length or thickness of the lash.  The curlier the lash or the thicker the lash, the less retention it offers because there is less of the natural lash for the base of the extension to attach to.

Eyelash Extensions Curls


Are the softest natural curl, can appear longer because it does not curl much but offers the best retention.


Are a soft curl, standard for a natural enhanced lash appearance with good retention.

C / CC

This appears to be the most popular curl, it is glamorous and opens the eye.  CC is between a C and a D for an added lift, and is considered super glamorous, and offers good retention, but not as good as compared with J or B.


One of the curlier curls, retention may not be as good as with J or B or C/CC, but adds drama and opens the eye more, making it great for heavy eyelids.

L / L+

Is just what it says “L” shaped extensions similar to using an eyelash curler a little too much, where the lashes are bent upwards.  It offers a super dramatic effect.  L+ is slightly curlier.


Eyelash Extension Thicknesses range from .03mm to .30mm

.03mm, .05mm and .07mm

Extremely thin and extremely lightweight and used mostly for Volume 2D-6D lashes, or to fill in gaps, and used on very thin/very fine natural lashes.


This thickness can also be used for Volume 2D (depending on the natural lash thickness and length) or as Classic 1D on thinner very fine natural lashes.


Used on thinner lashes (Classic 1D) or for a softer wispier look and feel.


This is the average lash thickness, creates a natural thicker look (Classic 1D).


This lash extension thickness creates a natural mascara look.


Creates a more striking glamorous look, this lash may be too heavy for most people’s lashes.


For healthy, strong, thick natural lashes. Creates an extreme look – again, may be too heavy for most people’s lashes.


Eyelash Extension Lengths

Most lashes come in lengths from 5mm-17mm.  The majority of clients want their longest extension length to be around 12mm or 13mm.  Of course, everyone wants the longest lashes, but it is important to keep in mind that the length of your natural lash, the density of your natural lash, your lifestyle and how you care for your extensions all play a major role in the safety of your natural lashes and longevity of the eyelash extensions.  It is recommended that you start with the least amount of length to get the best results as far and longevity for your extensions and to preserve the integrity your natural lashes.

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