Are Eyelash Extensions Safe? Do Eyelash Extensions Ruin Your Natural Lashes?


Yes, they are safe, if they are carefully and skillfully applied by a qualified professional lash stylist. When safety becomes a concern is when they are incorrectly applied, you experience an eye reaction or allergy that gets ignored or you do not properly care for your natural eyelashes and extensions.  If you do not cleanse them regularly, play, tug or fondle your lashes you risk lash loss, infections, breakage and weak natural lashes.  But if you follow your lash artist’s instructions, use the recommended products to care for them, handle them carefully and respectfully, you can have luscious, gorgeous lashes for many years.


A correct application will never result in natural lash fallout; more often it is an issue with an inexperienced lash technician.  Asides from being gentle and kind to your extensions and keeping them clean, you also need to ensure the extensions are not too long or heavy for your natural lashes, and if you do all of this, then your natural lashes will be fine.   If your extensions are too heavy, if you tug or play with them all the time, you risk loosening your natural lash, and the oils from your fingers will cause the natural lashes and the extensions to fall out prematurely.  If you put makeup on them and do not wash it off, if you rub them, if you cry frequently, sleep on them or if you do any of the things your lash artist specifically tells you not to do, you will damage your natural lashes and it will take a couple of months or longer for them to grow back to normal.  Also, go to for helpful tips and videos on how to properly maintain and cleanse your eyelash extensions.


In some cases, lash extensions can harm your natural lashes. For example, an inexperienced lash technician may attach one synthetic lash to three or more natural lashes, which can cause clumps or the entire cluster of lashes to break and fall out.  Continually having someone inexperienced do this repeatedly will cause baby lashes to be pulled out prematurely, and eventually could lead to damage to the hair follicle and no lash growth.  Also, not cleansing your lashes will also clog the hair follicle and cause lash dandruff or blepharitis, which can also damage your natural lashes.  That is why we cannot stress enough to keep your lashes clean.  It is also important to remember that your natural lashes grow in 30 to 60-day cycles and are prone to fallout at the end of this cycle, so the timing can also be coincidence.

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