Eye Shapes & Our Eyelash Extension Recommendations for Them


Eye Shapes & Our Eyelash Extension Recommendations for Them

Although we have recommendations listed below, in no way are artists limited to what they can do with extensions. Something that needs to be taken into consideration is personal preferences along with lifestyle, bone structure, eye shape and the length and density of one’s natural lashes.

Although we can give our clients any look they want, we will provide alternate recommendations when we believe what they are requesting could harm their natural lashes.  For example, if someone wants to have 15mm long super thick cat eyelashes, but their lashes are too thin to support a standard thickness (.15mm) and too short to support 15mm, we may suggest using a thinner lash (.10mm) on the outer corners or going shorter at the outer corners.  First, the client must decide, is it more important to them to have longer or thicker extensions, because the hard truth is sometimes you just cannot have both.

There are no hard and fast rules or definite styles, but our recommendations below compliment most of the eye shapes described.  The other things that need to be taken into consideration are how close set the eyes are, how wide or narrow the face is and if the face is long or short.  All these factors determine what the outcome will be.  So, although you may love your BFF’s lashes and want the same exact look, that may not be possible depending upon (1) your natural lashes thickness, length, density; (2) your face shape; (3) eye shape and how close set they are; (4) how much makeup you wear; (4) whether you wear eyeglasses/sunglasses or not; and (5) whether you cry a lot or have allergies and many other factors.

Most people do not have a symmetrical face. By adjusting the lengths of the extensions on each eye differently, one can achieve more symmetry for persons that have noticeably different sized eyes.  Sometimes it is not noticeable until you get extensions applied because there is so much more emphasis on the eyes.  It is good to know which eye is your smaller eye and position it towards a camera when having photos taken for more facial balance (Sylvia learned that trick from a photographer).


Almond Eyes

The cat eye, kitten, natural, squirrel or longer lashes in the center looks great.

Close-Set Eyes

This shape looks best with the longer extensions placed at the outer eye for a cat eye effect.

Protruding Eyes

Natural is better, a shorter 8-10mm, softer curl “J” will result in a more natural look.  The style (emphasis on center or outer) would depend on the how close set the eyes are, whether they have a heavy eyelid or not.

Downturned Eyes

Downturned eyes look best with the longest lashes in the center to ¾ of the way on the outer (open eye and natural).  If you put the longest lashes in the outer corners the eyes will look heavy and appear tired.

Wide-Set Eyes

Wide-set eyes look great with baby doll effect. Too much length emphasized at outer would make the eyes appear even further apart.

 Hooded Eyes

Looks best with longer lashes in the center (open eye, baby doll, kim-k, feathered) and if they are close-set, then extend the length to the outer.

 Upturned Eyes

Length at the outer with softer J curl – kitten or cat-eye.

 Round Eyes

Typically look best with the longer extensions placed at the outer eye for a cat eye effect. Placing the longest in the center will make them appear to protrude.

Monolid Eyes

Cat eye with length J curl at the outer and curlier lash CC or D in the center will balance them.


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